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Send Invoices

Create professional invoices for your clients

Prufal Pay makes it easy to manage your invoice billing and get paid from anywhere. Customers can make a payment securely in just a few clicks and you can receive your payments in minutes.

Create invoices quickly

Create and send an invoice to your clients from anywhere, add your logo and billing items. Access all clients and manage invoices in one place.

You can track in real-time which invoices are paid and unpaid and send reminders. Send instant notifications and record customer payments.

Send invoices to your clients in your dashboard and get notifications when it's paid. Accept payments online Customers can click the Pay now button on invoices and pay instantly by credit/debit card.


How does it work?  

  • Log in or sign up for a free Prufal Pay account.
  • Select Invoice and enter your item or service details then send the invoice from your dashboard.
  • Prufal Pay sends a link to the invoice to your client via email.
  • Your client can make a payment with their credit or debit card to pay the amount. Also, a notification will be sent to you when the invoice is paid.

Get time back with smarter invoicing software.

Send unlimited invoices for free. Only pay for processing when you accept debit or credit card payments.