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Accept online payments for WhatsApp products and services

Today's technology just keeps getting better and better, that anyone can now sell online. Whatsapp business has helped many businesses to connect with their customers more efficiently with many business tools all packed in one messaging app. One of which is a Catalog feature where you can show your products and services.

It's a great addition, but how can you accept debit/credit cards for your products or services with Whatsapp Business?

That's where Prufal Pay comes into the picture with its payment link feature. Also, in the Whatsapp business catalog tool, there is a field where you can add your product or service link.

So how can we integrate Prufal Pay and Whatsapp Business?
Before we go any further, ensure you have a Whatsapp Business account and the app installed on your device. In addition, you have already created Payment Links or Store Products in your Prufal Pay dashboard.

To add a product or service checkout link in Whatsapp Business, you need to tap the 3 (three) dots icon from the top right and select Business tools, then tap Catalog.

The Catalog Manager is where you add different products and services that you offer.

To add a new product or service select 'Add new item'. Add your images, fill in the item name, price, and description. If you see a More fields button tap to reveal other fields. You should see a field named 'Link', this is where you would paste your Payment or Product Link from your Prufal Pay dashboard.

Tap the save button when you have finished listing your product. you can share the product link with customers or they can view it when they are on your business profile. Your customers will be able to pay online and you can accept credit/debit card payments for your products and services with Whatsapp and Prufal Pay.